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Medical Profession

A Vocation that gives your work a Vertical Dimension

By Carl Britto, 2nd Year Medical Student from St. John’s Medical College Hospital, Bangalore

Being a doctor gives you a privilege like no other, and the job satisfaction is incomparable to, most and above, being an integral part of some1’s life (patient), often a semi stranger, who places all his trust in you. Whether it is bringing a bundle of joy into this world or preparing a family for the death of a loved one, a doctor is in the midst of it all, playing such a huge role during the most epic moments of life.

The real reward then is not in name, fame and riches, but rather in the joy of alleviating human suffering and the satisfaction of serving mankind. The monetary benefit makes up a less significant aspect of this reward. From the preceding couple of lines, it now becomes evident that being a doctor is more of a vocation, a calling rather than a profession or a sure route to a luxurious life. A vocation is something that gives your work a more vertical dimension, incorporating your profound knowledge and skill with God given ability and grace. You then tend to put your patient’s welfare before your own and live a prestigious life of self-sacrifice.

The time of youth is burdened with choices, broadly between the lucrative aspects of this world and the simple yet noble elements of the spiritual realm. Being a doctor, gives you this choice and it’s the individual who makes the choice. We were made to be courageous, to lead the way and to be the generation which finally makes the change. Healing a patient encompasses the mental, physical and spiritual being of the patient, therefore a doctor, just like a priest, has to be submissive to the Will of God. Just like David, who did not question the size of the stone, similarly we should not question our role as doctors, but believe that all things can be done through Christ, who strengthens us. Whether we have deep water faith in the shallow end or untiring doubts of our capabilities, the goal of a doctor should be to do ‘the Will of God, nothing more, nothing less, nothing else.

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