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Career Guidance - Modules for Christian Youth

What are your thoughts on this subject? Young people approaching the end of high school have some choices to make:

“Do I go to into the workforce or do I get more education in a formal setting?”

One wonders how many actually need help deciding what God wants them to do. I think this goes back to the youth's personal relationship with God through Jesus. How many know how to listen to God and discern his words? "listening to God thru others" being taught to young people in churches today? One of our points here is this:

A Good Career Guidance is a salvation experience for a youth.

Back to the subject at hand, reflecting back on experience, the Youth Commission believes that more and more youth, and even adults, will be able to hear and understand clearly what career path God wants them to take. Does God call them to learn a trade, open a business, become a nurse, a doctor, an engineer etc.

The Youth Commission will set the roll by interviewing Catholics in different career fields and gather insights and formulate career guidance modules for Youth.
The collection of the same will be uploaded in the Commission Website periodically (monthly).
The collated module will be customized and offered as “Career Guidance training” regional levels in the future.
OBJECTIVE: Through this, young people will choose right path or career based on the experience of those, who have made their life a success, by faith and learn from their best practices.

4th National Youth Animator’s Conference

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