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Guest post by Youth Speak News (YSN) writer Jeremy Keong

On one level, it kills me how ironic it is that Catholics are relegated to using the term “pro-life” when talking about the issue of abortion. It’s upsetting that in today’s society, the terms “pro-life” and “pro-choice” are seen as separate mindsets and entities.

Catholics are enlightened by God to choose life, writes Jeremy Keong.

No doubt, it’s good that we use the term pro-life. We love life – Christianity is about living life to the fullest (John 10:10)! However, that must also mean that we are anti-murder – which we are. And in the abortion context, we are against the killing of babies, plain and simple. But you know what? Stripping the phrase of all of today’s connotations, Catholics are pro-choice too.

When people tell me, or when I see on the news, that they are “pro-choice,” I just have to shake my head. There exists this notion that because Catholics are all for saving the life of the unborn child, and that under no circumstances is it okay to intentionally take that baby’s life, we are anti-choice. We are against people using their God-given faculty of the mind to make a decision.

Give me a break. Of course Catholics are pro-choice! How can we not be? The entire Christian religion itself is a choice to turn towards God. God reached out to us first, we shunned Him, He sent us His Son and now he simply asks that we respond to this outpouring of love. And from its earliest days, the Church has upheld this truth of choice – the ability to say yes or no. Conversion to the Catholic faith can never be forced – it must be chosen and nurtured by the Grace of God.

Catholics believe that there is always a choice. But furthering that statement, we believe that there is always a correct choice. And the correct choice is always life. Catholics are simultaneously pro-life and pro-choice; enlightened by God to make the choice to choose life.

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