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Biblical Secrets to Success (Year of Faith Special)

As a start to the year of Faith, the Commission is set to release new multimedia program on “Biblical Secrets to Success”. It is a series of 12 episodes,

whereby few selected Catholics in India, who have made their life a success by their perpendicular hard work, vision and faith, will share their success secrets to the Youth. Different Biblical Themes will be the focus of discussion with successful Catholics in their professional and Personal Life.The selected persons will be interviewed and the videos of the interviews will be posted on the website for global and national coverage in the Youth Commission Website every month.

The collated version will be released as an inspirational video on Biblical Secret to Success to mark as a conclusion to the Year of Faith.

Objective This will enable young people in India on the biblical secret to success in life and at the same time, inspire young people that they can be successful by being closer to the person of Jesus and by following the ways of the Gospel.

CRIB – A symbol of Faith - Crib Competition on Facebook

Crib making in our modern day culture is often seen as a fading and an old-fashioned concept/reality for many. St. Francis of Assisi, who visualized the Crib the first time, made the crib as a symbol of Faith.

It is from here that the Crib invariably became of a symbol of incarnational Faith in the Catholic Church. The Youth Commission, during the year of faith, is all geared up to relive the history by inspiring the youth in India to make the Crib as a living symbol of our faith through a Crib Competition on the Commission’s Facebook.

The Youth will build a crib based series of themes on Faith,
Take a photo of the crib along with his/her family
And upload it in Facebook (Facebook of the Commission)
Top three with the highest LIKES in the Facebook will be chosen for a free trip to HOLY LAND.
Objective This program will enable young people in all the dioceses in India to relive the incarnational faith during Christmas with their family.

National Night Vigil on the eve of Pentecost Day

Young people and Catholics of all ages flock to event called All Night Vigil for prayer.The vigil is the perfect place for today's young people, so many of whom are frustrated and lack direction.

The history of Night Vigil is recent, therefore it is anew. In 1960, Pope John XXIII officially recognized the importance of the All Night Vigils. The Pope opened the last part of the Fatima Secret and later met with the Bishop of Fatima, who subsequently wrote to all other Bishops throughout the world to start All Night Vigils of prayer and reparation to Our Lady of Fatima. The All Night Vigil was formalized in the United States in 1969 by Father Archangel Sica O.F.M.

OBJECTIVE: To relive our Faith, during the year of faith, the Youth Commission will gather all the Youth all over the country for a Night vigil on the eve of Pentecost, during which, they youth will pray for each other, faith in their families, for the country and the Universal Church.

We believe that most of the benefits have been visible. The measurable benefits will have occurred in individual lives during the night of prayer:
Increased faith in the True Presence of our Lord in Blessed Sacrament
Answered prayer requests, both spiritual and material
Conversions of heart and overcoming of habitual sins
Families growing closer together

National Catholic Youth Social Service _ Faith in Action

National Catholic Youth Social Service - Faith in Action is a church-wide campaign that creates an outward focus and a heart to serve among the Youth in India.
During the Year of Faith, the Commission has planned to GO GREEN.

The youth will express their solidarity with the environment and humanity by planting trees in 10 cities.
Top 10 cities will be chosen by the Commission. The youth in the respective cities will be animated by the Regional Youth Commissions to relive their faith in action.
OBJECTIVE: This activity will inspire, empower and mobilize the Youth to realize that they don’t merely live their faith indoors but open door of faith to the world at large. During the year of Faith, the commission will enable the Young people India to relive their faith in action by GOING GREEN

4th National Youth Animator’s Conference

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