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Uthship News continues to help young people with an interest in media to develop their skills in a faith context. You will make a difference in the lives of millions of Youth in India and all over the World by your fewer lines to the national website. More

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Prayer for Life Guidence and Enlightenment

St. Francis’ Prayer for Discernment
Most high and Glorious God, bring light to the darkness of my heart, Give me right faith, firm hope and perfect love. Lord, Give me insight and wisdom that I may always discern your only and true will. Amen

Prayer to Know God’s will
God the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Author of glory, grant me spiritual wisdom and revelation. Enlighten the eyes of my mind with a deep knowledge of You and Your holy will. May I understand of what nature is the hope to which You call me, what is the wealth of the splendor of Your inheritance among the Saints, and what is the surpassing greatness of Your power toward me. Amen.

Prayer for Choosing a State of Life
My God, You Who are the God of wisdom and good counsel, You Who read in my heart a sincere desire to please You alone and to direct myself in regard to my choice of a state of life, in conformity with Your Holy will in all things; by the intercession of the most holy Virgin, my Mother, and of my Patron Saints, grant me the grace to know that state of life which I ought to choose, and to embrace it when known, in order that thus I may seek Your glory and increase it, work out my own salvation and deserve the heavenly reward which You have promised to those who do Your holy will. Amen.

Prayer for Perseverance in Discernment
You have made my heart to be filled with Your Love and with Your Life. You have created me to give Your Love and Your Life to others. Guide me this day and always. Give me strength of heart to ever SEEK, FIND, and FOLLOW Your call of Love. Amen.

4th National Youth Animator’s Conference

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