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Tamil Nadu Regional Youth Convention (27 February 2016)

Tamil Nadu Catholic Youth Commission launched a new venture to have a Regional Convention on 27 February 2017 in view of preparing the youth of Tamil Nadu towards Legislative Assembly Election, which is going to be held on 16 May 2016. The youth from all over Tamil Nadu Catholic Dioceses were invited for the convention. The purpose of this coming together was to give political awareness to the Catholic youth that they should participate actively in the politics to build up a Corruption-free and true secular society based on Kingdom Values. The aim of the regional convention was to bring out before our Catholic Youth the political leaders of the time in the present political scenario of Tamil Nadu State. The Convention was held at the Diocesan Charismatic Centre in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, South India under the leadership of the Most Rev. Dr. Jerome Dhass SDB, the Chairman Bishop of Youth Commission and Rev. Fr. P. Marianus Isaac S.T.D., the Executive Secretary for the Youth Commission of Tamil Nadu Bishops’ Conference. There were 2500 participants from all over Tamil Nadu. At the end of the Convention, First it was resolved that the Catholic Youth will actively give their participation in forthcoming election. Secondly it was resolved to encourage the Catholic Candidates for the election specially the youth. Thirdly it was said that to elect a person with clean hand and pure heart in the election. The youth were very much enriched by the Regional Convention with strong conviction to stand together to fight against the evil powers of the society.

4th National Youth Animator’s Conference

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