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Building a Strong Society in Faith

Issac Jacob

“Faith is to believe in the unseen and the reward of Faith is to see what you believe”
-St. Augustine Faith is the dynamic element that keeps me going amidst all the disappointments of my life. I see two sets of people in the world. 1.Selfish 2.Selfless

Most of the people around me belong to the 1st set, but somewhere deep within; I felt I should be selfless. I took this thought to another level. I dreamt of doing something for this society, I wanted to reach people unlike others in a unique way.

My dream troubled me a lot and I was puzzled about what is happening around me. People began changing; support reduced and at last, only one thing kept my feet on the grounds that is faith. The society and the younger generation was a big time concern, I was worried but somewhere inside I felt I was on the right track.

When everyone walked away, when fear surrounded and I needed strength and support, my Faith enabled me, which resulted in forming a dynamic social group called “Sangharsh –for a better change”

My faith in Christ changed me from a just ordinary youth to a social worker and founder in an extra ordinary way.

Finally my dream was just a dream, when it was in sleep, but when I woke up in faith, it started to transform into reality.

ssac Dominic, is a 21 year old BCA graduate, software trainee, social worker and the founder of Sangharsh. His motto is ‘A Youth strengthened by Catholic Faith stand strong for the society.’

4th National Youth Animator’s Conference

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